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Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat TestingBusiness for Sale

Potential to earn you money back in 1 Year
Low Overhead

Mobile Hydrostatic Truck
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck


2002 GMC C6500 Customized Box Truck w/ navigation, stereo and front/back safety cameras.

86” x 32” x 24” Hydrostatic Testing Tub, 2 hanging test scales, one testing weight rack, 225 Gallon water holding tank, water pump, water heater, water filtration system, 20 Linear feet of cabinets, two changing areas, roof top A/C system, roof top ventilation system, Onan Diesel generator, 12 gallon generator fuel tank, propane heating system, digital standing scale.

This is a great opportunity for someone into fitness to make money and meet likeminded people. I typically test a minimum of 12 people per event and have make $2000 a day on a few occasions. Typical income is $600 - $900 morning or evening. Talk to me for more detailed projections. 

This opportunity is best suited for someone who is willing to go out and knock on some doors to build up a larger contact base and understands that success depends on getting out there. Typical customers include cross fit or boot camps, companies with health fairs and personal trainers with their own book of athletes. Many facilities offer ‘Challenges’ throughout the year to measure results and Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is the most accurate and reasonably priced method.

Asking $99,500. includes the truck and all contents, access to licensed body mass conversion software and use of my 12000 plus email database.

Financing Available!

Body Composition Diagram
Body Composition Diagram
Body Composition Diagram

Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-1
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-2
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-3
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-4
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-5
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-6
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-7
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-8
Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-10
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-11
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-12
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-13
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-14
Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-16
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-17
Mobile Hydrostatic Truck-18

(949) 304-7935

(949) 304-7935
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